Should I remove Artex from my home?

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Should I remove Artex from my home?

During the 1930s, Artex was a popular textured ceiling coating, widely used because of its rich, patterned look. It was in the 60s and 70s, and there were not enough plasterers to go around. Artex became popular since it required no expertise.

Asbestos, a component in the original Artex formula, can cause lung damage if breathed. Asbestos has been removed from everyday usage since the early 1980s, and nowadays it is mostly gone.

Artex is becoming more and more popular, particularly for ceiling applications since it serves as a handy substitute for asbestos. If your Artex is damaged, it will cost more to fix the cracks than to remove and start again.

Artex ceiling removal costs how much?

Return on investment (ROI) (Range low – high)
The approximate cost of Asbestos surveys ranges from £200 to £500.
Get a local tradesperson to give you an estimate of now

Removing Artex can be difficult and time-consuming. Many folks just elect to cover it and create a new surface. Your Artex removal cost will be based on numerous aspects, like:

Also, whether it contains asbestos.

Artex Age It might include asbestos and be broken or ruined from the impacts of time.
The greater the area of Artex, the longer it will take to remove and the higher the labour charges will be.
The depth of Artex might vary depending on the professional who added it. Thick Artex takes longer to remove, resulting in higher labour expenditures.
Ceiling removal from Artex averages £17.50 per square metre.

asbestos survey rules

Is an asbestos survey required?

This answer depends on when the Artex was installed. Asbestos is used in older Artex, therefore you should do a survey to avoid unnecessary expense.

You cannot be sure whether you have asbestos in your property if Artex was introduced during that time frame. In order to avoid harmful exposure, a survey is necessary.

Another option is to purchase a test kit online that may not be as accurate as a survey but is considerably cheaper.

The existence of asbestos must be discovered and removed from your home, and you will need to leave your residence for many days to guarantee you aren’t exposed.

Our Asbestos Removal Cost Guide provides further information.

Average expenses for the asbestos survey: £200.

Artex ceiling removal includes
Most importantly, before you undertake any major project, an asbestos survey should be completed. Artex may be removed from your ceiling in the following ways:

Using plasterboard to board over the old Artex ceiling. Three layers of plaster are placed to achieve an equal surface. Instead of using a plasterboard, it may be viable to just seal with PVA and plaster the existing Artex.
the removal of the Artex and original plasterboard was not a simple solution
Decontamination: X-Tex is commonly used. This softening gel removes the old Artex, leaving the old plasterboard ready for fresh plaster to be put.
By steaming, you can soften the Artex so you can then scrape it away from the present plasterboard. Over-softening Artex or this will liquify and result in a huge mess.
Make sure to properly dispose of Artex once it has been removed. This may also include additional Artex asbestos cleanup costs.

Is Artex plasterable?
Artex is also quite inexpensive and popular. An asbestos survey is still recommended if you want to adopt this strategy. It is essential to eliminate any lumps before plastering can be applied.

For a smoother surface, it is possible to use wallpaper instead of plaster. It’s still necessary to seal and smooth with PVA before commencing. Use wallpaper lining paper throughout this process as well.

Plastering Artex costs £20 per square metre.

the ceiling should be removed

Can I do the Artex ceiling myself?
While you could remove an Artex ceiling yourself, don’t underestimate how difficult and time-consuming this will be. Don’t proceed unless you know the ceiling does not contain asbestos.

If it contains asbestos, we strongly recommend removing it using the correct methods.

Not only does it cost financial money, but may also be exceedingly dangerous. Doing so might put your health and safety at danger from floating filaments that might harm your lungs.

It is a good idea to engage someone who has completed an asbestos awareness course since they will appropriately dispose of Artex at an authorised asbestos disposal facility.

For free, utilise our search option to locate an area’s local, well-respected, and talented tradesperson.

Artex removal costs: Key takeaways
More than likely, new-era Artex ceilings still contain asbestos, even if they were installed before 1985.
Asbestos detection test kits can identify if your Artex includes asbestos.
Artex removal methods include boarding over, total removal, steaming, and chemical removal.
The cost of Artex removal is £17.50 per square metre.

Only people with special training should attempt to remove asbestos.

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