Asbestos may be found in six surprising places.

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Asbestos may be found in six surprising places.

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a safety advisory in early June 2019, advising customers to cease using the Claire’s Jojo Siwa Makeup Set. This was due to the fact that the product tested positive for asbestos, prompting us to wonder what other commonplace items may contain asbestos. Let’s take a closer look.

1- home appliances.
Prior to 1988, a broad range of domestic equipment, from crockpots to hairdryers, popcorn poppers to fume hoods, were known to contain tiny quantities of asbestos. Stove mats and ironing board covers were also known to be culprits, so if you still have any of these 20th-century products in your house, you may be putting yourself in danger.

2 – Automobile Parts
Asbestos was commonly utilised in automotive parts to avoid fires because of its heat resistance. Brakes, brake pads, clutch linings, and gearbox plates, as well as many other high-friction automotive parts, were all examples of this.

Protective Clothing is number three.
Surprisingly, asbestos was used in the construction of a wide array of protective gear. Commercial asbestos was recognised to be present in aprons, helmets, gloves, and leggings, but perhaps more shockingly, respirators and dust masks. Asbestos-related diseases are triggered by microfibres becoming airborne, therefore having asbestos so near to the mouth was very harmful.

Fuse Boxes (no. 4)
Insulation boards containing asbestos were commonly put behind the fuse box in homes in the years leading up to the asbestos ban. Fuse boxes aren’t used very often, so this shouldn’t be a major problem, especially because asbestos fibres only go airborne when they’re broken or disturbed. However, if you observe any damage surrounding your fuse box, you should get it checked by an expert.

Cisterns for toilets are number five.
Yes, asbestos may be found in even the most trusted bathroom toilet. To make older design cisterns sturdier and able to take higher weight, a little quantity of asbestos was typically added. Because of its stability and the tiny amount of asbestos utilised, the cistern should not pose a significant concern as long as it stays in good condition.

Makeup is number six.
Because of the lax rules around one of its primary constituents, cosmetic-grade talc, asbestos gets up in cosmetics products (i.e. talcum powder). Asbestos and talc are two materials that naturally occur together. As a result, when talc is mined for commercial purposes, there’s a chance it’ll be contaminated with asbestos.

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