Asbestos might be hidden in three areas in your house.

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Asbestos might be hidden in three areas in your house.

You may feel that if you have lived in the same house for a long time, or even if you have recently purchased a house, there is no possibility that it contains asbestos. It should be emphasised, however, that a house built before 2000 cannot be guaranteed to be asbestos-free, as asbestos was a widely used building material for many years before it was outlawed.

In fact, asbestos may be ‘hiding’ someplace in your home without your knowledge. Many individuals believe that spotting asbestos would be simple, considering that all asbestos looks the same. However, asbestos was frequently employed as a component material in other goods, which means it might be effectively undetectable.

Here are three areas in your house where asbestos may be found – asbestos is often hidden in plain sight!

Artex is a brand of artex that is
Although it is commonly known that some varieties of Artex and comparable ceiling coatings contain asbestos, you may not be aware that distinguishing between asbestos-containing Artex and asbestos-free Artex can be difficult. As a result, it’s possible that the Artex on your ceiling has been sitting there for years without your knowledge.

Do not be alarmed if you have a patterned ceiling coating – it is crucial to note that even asbestos-containing Artex is seldom harmful to your health until it is significantly worn or broken.

Asbestos was frequently utilised as a component of cement mixes, particularly in sheds and other outbuildings. This implies that if you’re thinking of removing any cement-based structure on your property, you should first check to see if it contains asbestos.

Many new homeowners are simply unaware that their homes contain asbestos, as the prior owner may not have known and so could not have disclosed this information at the time of purchase.

Cistern for the toilet
A little amount of asbestos was used in certain older kinds of toilet cisterns to make them stronger and more resistant. If you have an older toilet, it’s possible that the cistern contains asbestos.

The good news is that unless the asbestos is torn or substantially worn, it cannot cause injury.

If you suspect that you have asbestos in your home, either in the forms indicated above or in any other section of your house, you should have an asbestos study done. Contact Crucial Environmental immediately to learn more about the asbestos that may be present in your property.

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