Asbestos Myths in the Home

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Asbestos Myths in the Home

Under some circumstances, having asbestos in one’s house might be harmful. However, there are a lot of fallacies regarding asbestos in the house, and considering the dangers the substance poses to human health, it’s critical to separate fact from fiction. We’ll look at some of the asbestos misconceptions and the facts behind them in this article.

Myth: Asbestos is no longer present in British houses.
In the United Kingdom, asbestos was outlawed in 1999. However, this has led to a misconception in which many feel that all existing asbestos must be removed as well, which is not the case. Asbestos was widely employed, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, and it is still present in a large number of homes. As a result, don’t rule out the possibility of asbestos in your home.

Myth: If you have asbestos in your home, you won’t be able to sell it.
Homeowners who are aware of the presence of asbestos on their property are obligated by law to disclose this information when selling their home; nonetheless, the presence of asbestos does not prevent the transaction from taking place. It should also be noted that if a homeowner is unaware of asbestos, they are not compelled to disclose it. In certain situations, purchasers may be subjected to an asbestos survey, which will reveal asbestos that the homeowner was unaware of.

Myth: Asbestos must be eliminated as quickly as possible.
It’s natural to believe that if you have asbestos on your home, the best course of action is to have it removed as quickly as possible. However, this is inaccurate, because removing asbestos that is in excellent working order is usually more harmful than leaving it alone. Asbestos does not pose a health concern when it is in excellent condition; it is only toxic when the substance is disturbed and fibres become airborne.

Myth: Asbestos is easily identifiable.
Some homeowners feel that they cannot have asbestos in their home since they are familiar with its appearance and would be able to detect it. The reality is that, though asbestos can be recognised in its own, it was frequently employed as a component of other building materials such as cement and sprayed coatings. It can be difficult to detect if goods contain asbestos or not with the naked eye, as certain items, such as Artex, seem identical whether or not they contain asbestos.

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