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You may have used asbestos for your roofing but now you want to replace all that with friendlier roofing material. You have made the right decision. Asbestos is such a harmful chemical that research has proven to be one of the leading causes of cancer.

Why would you continue having something that is a risk to your health? No need. However, in as much as it is a great idea, not everyone can help you remove asbestos in Scotland; you need a professional local testing company who has experience and skills on how to handle such and ensure that you are safe and no elements are left hanging around the home which might lead to contamination.

With so many asbestos removal companies online, it might be tricky to get the right one and that is why we feel you should call us as we have been the experts in Glasgow for the last 25 years.

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Some companies operate as “jack of all trades” who are probably specialists in abatement but when an opportunity presents, they will appear as specialists in asbestos removal. That is why you need to scrutinize any company before you sign that contract with them. 

 Look at their portfolio; who are their customers and for how long have they been offering similar services? This will help you determine whether they are fitting for the nature of your job. A company that is a specialist in this has the disposal mechanisms; it has links with other service providers who would help in transportation and proper disposal. Again, they are licensed and certified, thus they can give you a guarantee of a perfect job.

25 Years Experience

You could get a company with a rather appealing name but realize that the workers are not well trained and lack specific skills that are imperative.  Qualified professionals will always give you the best service and therefore with these, you’ve value for money.

The handling of asbestos is tricky and therefore you need someone who knows the protective measures; this will protect your family and those working around your home or building. Again, with professionals, you can be sure of getting the work done in record time- their turnaround time (TAT) is good and therefore you can plan your work.

These guys did a great job fully qualified and very reasonably priced , happy with everything they have done
Andrew Best
Andrew Best
17:11 17 May 20
These guys were professional and very smart at there work highly recommend 👏👏 thanks for ya work lads I know it wasint a easy job but got there thanks again !!
Graham Lyle
Graham Lyle
07:00 12 May 20
Removed my old & leaking asbestos cement garage roof in a professional, quick and clean manner. Good service
Ian Kiloh
Ian Kiloh
15:52 04 Feb 20
Great job guys thanks again
Tony Wright
Tony Wright
17:43 03 Feb 20
The great job these guys done should not be taken lightly, very safe and professional company
Yama Productions
Yama Productions
17:34 03 Feb 20
problem solved with no fuss, good job
Gail Singer
Gail Singer
21:01 27 Jan 20
best price i could find for Asbestos removal in Glasgow, very fast and efficient service
Gordon Lyle
Gordon Lyle
13:48 21 Jan 20
Needed quick advice and a quote. Very professional and they completed the job the same day. Thanks guys
eamonn crossan
eamonn crossan
14:50 24 Sep 19

Asbestos Survey Scotland

Our experts provide advice and consultancy service to enable clients to comply with their legal duty of preparing and implementing a plan to manage any ACMs located on their site. We can even manage the whole process for you; surveying the premises, preparing and maintaining a management plan, conducting any remedial work and carrying out ongoing inspections and monitoring.

Documentation provided in the Asbestos Management Plan should contain an asbestos policy, procedures, register of ACMs, training plans and schedules for monitoring and advice. Call us today on the number at the top of the page, for high quality asbestos consultancy services.

The Right Asbestos Equipment

When it comes to asbestos removal and cleaning, every part of the process requires specialized equipment. In fact, without the right one, one could mess up and lead to more contamination or even hurt themselves or the occupants in the process. That is why you need to scrutinize to ensure that they have all that is needed for perfect asbestos removal. Look for a reliable asbestos removal Scottish company, one that is well equipped and with the right technicians. A company that has the best equipment and qualified professionals may be a little more costly but you can be sure you have the best service.

What To Do If Asbestos Removal May Be Required

While it is possible to carry out asbestos removal personally, the well known and documented health risks make it something which is advised against in the strongest possible way. Asbestos removal requires a variety of specialised equipment in order to reduce the risk to the safest level possible, which although can be utilised by the amateur, really is not worth the risk in light of the potentially horrific outcome. Instead, it is recommended that all asbestos removal is carried out by trained and certified professionals who know exactly how to reduce the risk to a safe level and ensure all harmful elements are permanently removed. The only thing the person in question needs to know is exactly what they should do if they discover asbestos in their own home, which is something which occurs surprisingly frequently.

The first and foremost piece of advice is to remain calm and not panic, as any asbestos which is undamaged and undisturbed is perfectly safe and will remain so until professional asbestos removals can be sought. The second piece of advice somewhat mirrors the comment earlier which is to never even consider DIY asbestos removal unless fully trained and in possession of all the required asbestos removal equipment. Therefore, never under any circumstances use manual or power tools for asbestos removal which have not been specifically designed for the purpose.

It may occasionally be required to provide a sample of the material prior to the full asbestos removal for insurance and general safety purposes, though once again this should never be considered a job for the amateur. Modern, professional asbestos removals services exist to take the risks out of the hands of the homeowner, which considering the serious danger, is quite an invaluable service to say the least.

We Can Remove The Following Asbestos:

Cleaning, removal, disposal and general handling of asbestos is a risky affair which is even a threat to professionals. That is why the person you engage must have proper protective gear. professionals will never touch areas contaminated using bare hands, nope.

They’ll always wear gloves and other protective gear like headgear so that not even a fiber can get into their system. Again, you must find out how safe their means of asbestos removal are environment-friendly.

A company that doesn’t care about the environment should be avoided at all costs- be mindful about other people through hiring an environment-sensitive company.

This kind of company will always inform the neighbourhood that they are dealing with such dangerous contaminants and therefore they should close windows and doors. They’ll always have signage that informs others to keep off the area.

For a company to be registered and licensed to do asbestos removal in Glasgow or any other country or state must be registered through the relevant government authorities.

Again, one must have the right licenses from the poisons department and the environmental authority. Before licensing, a company must provide enough proof that they have the right equipment, experts and experience to safely remove asbestos and dispose of it in an environment-friendly way. 

A company without a license is dangerous one; mostly, these will charge less for their services but their work cannot be trusted and in case you have a complaint, you have no recourse. That is why you must deal with an only asbestos service provider with the right documents.

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