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Do you have asbestos chemicals in your roofing material? If so, then it is time to replace it with a new roofing material that does not contain asbestos.

According to research, asbestos is a major cause of cancer. It is not worth living in an environment where such a risk is present. Fortunately, you can do something about it by contacting a professional who has the necessary training and skills to inspect your home for asbestos contamination and to remove any necessary materials that contain asbestos in them.

There are several asbestos removal companies on the internet. You might have trouble deciding which one is the best. For this reason, you should give our professional consultants a call and find out what they can recommend for you in Glasgow

Asbestos Testing Service

Do not trust companies that offer specialty services in everything. It is better to find a company that has a specific focus on asbestos removal and management.

Do your research thoroughly and choose the right company before you make a deal with one of them.

Ask to see their portfolio. Find out how many customers they have and the number of years they’ve been in business. You should also see if the company has eco-friendly disposal methods of the asbestos.

Normally, a good company will have connections with asbestos disposal professionals who specialise in transporting and disposing of asbestos.

And, of course, the company must be certified and fully licensed with the appropriate government authorities and agencies.

25 Years Experience

Don’t just find a company with an attractive name because that doesn’t mean its employees have the proper skills and training to do their job properly and safely for their customers.

It is more important for a company to have qualified experts that have the capabilities of handling asbestos safely and professionally.

Due to the dangers of asbestos, you can’t take any chances by hiring an inexperienced service provider.

You must hire an experienced service provider that can detect and eliminate asbestos from anywhere in your building or home.

They must also do it in a timely manner so that your schedule is not held up too much.

Happy with the service. Helpful on the phone.
Nikkie Allaire
Nikkie Allaire
14:56 10 Jul 20
Happy with the work. Asbestos was removed within 2 days for first calling them.
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Martin Graham
10:40 08 Jul 20
These guys did a great job fully qualified and very reasonably priced , happy with everything they have done
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Andrew Best
17:11 17 May 20
These guys know what their doing, great service and very safe, thanks for your hard work
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Mark Rowan
09:29 12 May 20
These guys were professional and very smart at there work highly recommend 👏👏 thanks for ya work lads I know it wasint a easy job but got there thanks again !!
Graham Lyle
Graham Lyle
07:00 12 May 20
Removed my old & leaking asbestos cement garage roof in a professional, quick and clean manner. Good service
Ian Kiloh
Ian Kiloh
15:52 04 Feb 20
Great job guys thanks again
Tony Wright
Tony Wright
17:43 03 Feb 20
The great job these guys done should not be taken lightly, very safe and professional company
Yama Productions
Yama Productions
17:34 03 Feb 20
problem solved with no fuss, good job
Gail Singer
Gail Singer
21:01 27 Jan 20
quick response, friendly and competitive price, 5*
Toni Allen
Toni Allen
11:35 26 Jan 20
best price i could find for Asbestos removal in Glasgow, very fast and efficient service
Gordon Lyle
Gordon Lyle
13:48 21 Jan 20
Needed quick advice and a quote. Very professional and they completed the job the same day. Thanks guys
eamonn crossan
eamonn crossan
14:50 24 Sep 19
Highly professional service. guided us through the best steps to remove asbestos from our garage, nice and prompt too, thanks Karen and Jim x
Karen Kerr
Karen Kerr
22:20 20 Aug 19

Demolition or Refurbishment Surveys

If you are going to demolish or refurbish some area of your property, then you need to get a demolition survey or refurbishment survey; respectively. These surveys will show you where the asbestos-containing materials are located in your building or home. That way, you will know which areas of your property need to be worked on.

In some cases, you may need to demolish everything if there are too many asbestos-containing materials throughout the building.

Inspections will be done throughout your property. If the surveyor has trouble accessing a certain area of your property, then accessibility will need to be made by having a destructive inspection done. A refurbishment survey is necessary, regardless of whether you’re doing maintenance or repair work already.

There is no way to know for sure which materials in your building have asbestos in them until they are tested in a laboratory. We have skilled asbestos surveyors who understand the proper way to take samples of asbestos without causing the asbestos fibres to spread. All of our bulk sampling techniques are HSG 264 compliant.

Why Asbestos Tests Are Important

Asbestos contains 6 substances that are used regularly by construction companies. Despite there being different kinds of asbestos, they’re all a danger to people’s health if bothered. The level of danger is different from each type of asbestos.

The only way to detect the type of asbestos and its danger level is to conduct an asbestos test. After the test is done, it is easier to know which type of equipment is necessary for getting rid of the asbestos completely from the building or home. Then you can be sure that everyone will be safe.


All the materials in your property will be inspected during an asbestos test, even the non-contaminated materials. That way, we will only end up removing the materials that contain asbestos rather than wasting time and energy in removing the materials that contain no asbestos.


Do not conduct your own asbestos tests. Since asbestos is a human health hazard, it is better to have a professional conduct the tests because they are experienced in how to perform them safely. Unless you’re experienced at performing asbestos tests, hire a professional to do them for you.

Risk Factors of Asbestos

The people who perform maintenance and other trade jobs on your building or home have the biggest risk of being exposed to asbestos. These people include electricians, plumbers, insulators, demolition experts, and more. Basically, anyone who works with the various materials of your home is susceptible to asbestos exposure.

Asbestos consultations and surveys are available for many different types of domestic and commercial clients. Although we have some small-to-medium-sized businesses as clients, major companies make up most of our clientele. Regardless of how big your business or home may be, you will receive the same level of treatment and professionalism by our staff.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations requires duty holders to inform people about any existing asbestos-containing materials if they have a chance of coming in contact with them. That is why an inspection is so important to have done.

We have a membership with the Federation of Small Businesses, so we are aware of the financial struggles that confront several small businesses today. For this reason, we try to maintain low overheads while remaining competitive and above satisfactory in the marketplace.

Our custom and high-quality consulting services will help you learn how to create and maintain your asbestos register. Considering the high cost of asbestos removal, only do it if you have no other choices left. First, try to find a way to safely manage and encapsulate the problem in order to save money.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations laws requires you to act now so that people can be kept safe on your property.

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