At work, where may you come across asbestos?

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At work, where may you come across asbestos?

Do you have concerns about asbestos exposure at work? Asbestos is still found in surprising numbers in commercial and industrial buildings around the United Kingdom. Here are some of the areas at work where you could come across asbestos.

Offices You would think that asbestos isn’t likely to be found in a modern office building, and you’d be right. Asbestos was fully banned from usage in 1999, thus if the office you work in was built after 2000, it will not contain asbestos. However, if the structure was constructed before 1980, there is a potential that it contains asbestos.

Asbestos was often utilised as an insulating material in roofs and walls. It’s conceivable that it’s still there. To reduce the danger of asbestos exposure, the building owner or your employer must have a management plan in place, which should include the location and condition of any asbestos on the premises. If you are concerned about asbestos, you should speak with the property owner.

Warehouses are places where goods are stored.
If a warehouse was built before 1999, it may contain asbestos, just like offices. Cement, roofing, and sprayed coatings are some of the most typical areas to locate it. It is your employer’s job to keep you safe from asbestos exposure, so if you have any concerns about the work you’re performing or items that might contain asbestos, you should speak with them.

Buildings from the past
It is critical to be aware of asbestos whether you are a contractor or if you work on several locations. The material has a variety of qualities that made it extremely popular, including the ability to withstand extreme temperature changes and serve as a great insulator. Always ask the site manager whether there’s a chance you’ll come across asbestos.

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