Environmentally Critical - Should I get an asbestos survey done before I move in?

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Environmentally Critical - Should I get an asbestos survey done before I move in?

When it comes to purchasing a new house, there are many factors to consider before making a final selection. You might wish to get a survey done so you can obtain a good understanding of the property’s condition. This will assist you in making an informed decision and will alert you to any issues that you or the existing owners may have. A routine survey could notice common asbestos materials, but it won’t go into depth about the asbestos’ state or the expenses of removing the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).

So, what am I to do?
If you’re buying an older house, asbestos is more likely to be present. Unfortunately, asbestos was not totally prohibited until 1999, therefore ACMs may still be present in numerous buildings around the country. However, if the homeowner is already aware of the presence of asbestos in their house, they must inform potential purchasers.

Don’t be turned off by the presence of asbestos in a property you’re considering purchasing. If the asbestos is in decent shape, it should still be able to be removed. However, you should not remove asbestos yourself if you are unsure of what you are doing. Disturbing the asbestos can release fibres into the air, posing a major health risk. If you need asbestos removed, you should get professionals to assist you.

If you’re not sure whether your house has asbestos or if a standard home inspection has revealed it, you should have an asbestos assessment performed. An asbestos management survey is used to find and assess the status of any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) discovered. If you’re buying a new house, a home buyer asbestos study can help put your mind at ease.

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