How do you handle finding asbestos at home?

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How do you handle finding asbestos at home?

Assumedly, there’s no asbestos in a residence. Asbestos was outlawed from usage in 1999, hence there should be no asbestos left in the building. Also, since sellers are legally obligated to disclose the existence of known asbestos, homeowners may assume they would have been warned about it when they purchased the house.

Unfortunately, no assumptions leave you completely protected. Although asbestos was prohibited in 1992, every home built before 1999 has asbestos as a building material or as part of the insulation, and there has never been a legal need for homeowners to remove it.

As legal obligation requires, if an owner knows they have asbestos on their property, they must let the buyer know. Without an asbestos homebuyer survey, there’s no certainty that asbestos would have been found.

Ultimately, this implies it is feasible that you may have asbestos in the home you own without knowing it. Until you notice something strange, you’ll believe everything is OK.

You’ve found asbestos, so what should you do?

Don’t panic! – it’s essential. Finding asbestos in your house does not always indicate you have been exposed to it. Asbestos is dangerous only when the material is destroyed or disturbed and fibres are permitted to enter the air. If you try to fix it yourself, it might make the problem worse.
Obtain expert assistance—important to ascertain whether or not the substance contains asbestos. There are several “asbestos-like” compounds that are innocuous. In contrast, asbestos may be efficiently disguised inside construction materials, thus it is hard to find. Only with an asbestos survey conducted by an asbestos specialist can you be assured.

We have several years of experience doing asbestos surveys in various properties in Scotland. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any asbestos-related issues.

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