Is an asbestos air test required?

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Is an asbestos air test required?

If you feel you have dislodged or damaged asbestos or asbestos-containing items, you should take actions to minimise the danger of others being exposed to the substance.

Asbestos poses a health risk when fibres from the substance become dislodged and enter the air. Once they become airborne, they can be inhaled into the lungs, causing damage and eventually leading to a variety of asbestos-related ailments.

If asbestos has been disturbed in a structure that is being refurbished, it is critical to check that asbestos fibres are not present in the air before proceeding with any additional work. If you or a member of your staff suspects that asbestos has been disturbed in a way that might release fibres into the air, you should immediately leave the premises and have an asbestos air test performed.

What are asbestos air testing and how do they work?
Asbestos air testing should only be performed by trained specialists. They entail pulling a certain volume of air through a filter for a specified amount of time. Particles in the air are collected in the filter, which is subsequently sent to a laboratory for analysis.

If asbestos is discovered in the filter, more asbestos removal work may be required before work may resume.

Do I need to take an air test?
If asbestos has been disturbed in a property or premises you own, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that any employees or members of the public who come into contact with the material are protected. As a result, you should see an asbestos expert determine your future steps.

In certain circumstances, an asbestos air test is required, while in others, an asbestos survey is required to determine whether asbestos is present.

Organizing a field test
We do not presently provide air monitoring services at Asbestos Removal Glasgow however we would be pleased to arrange air monitoring through our trusted and approved providers that are UKAS ISO 17025 approved.

However, because an air test isn’t always required, we recommend speaking with our knowledgeable staff about your property’s requirements. We can provide you unbiased advice on whether an air test is necessary or if you require another asbestos service. For additional information, please contact our helpful staff.

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