Is asbestos still a health hazard?

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There is no question that asbestos is a hazardous substance. In the United Kingdom, two types of asbestos were outlawed in 1985, and the government went even farther in 1999 to outlaw asbestos entirely. It’s been over 20 years after the prohibition, and some homeowners and business owners still don’t comprehend the substance.

They may be unsure whether asbestos is still a threat to them or what they should do if it is discovered on their property. We examine whether asbestos is still toxic in this article.

Asbestos is still present in the UK.
Asbestos was prohibited in the UK in 1999, so you may think it’s no longer available. However, property owners were not forced to remove any asbestos from their premises; only future use of the material was prohibited. As a result, if you have asbestos on your home, it is still as harmful as it was before.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re safe. If you come across something that looks like asbestos, it very likely may be. You should have an asbestos survey done in this scenario.

Long-term carnage
Asbestos is not a substance that causes immediate symptoms or sickness. However, it is responsible for 4,000 fatalities in the United Kingdom each year. This is due to the fact that if the material is breathed in, it can enter the lungs but does not create symptoms or issues for up to 20 years. It is too late to avoid asbestos-related ailments at this time. The only method to avoid becoming sick from asbestos is to avoid coming into touch with it.

Defense against asbestos
Is there anything you can do to avoid being exposed to asbestos? First and first, it is critical to determine whether or not the substance is indeed asbestos. Many products that appear like asbestos but aren’t truly toxic exist, and asbestos is frequently concealed within other materials like cement or sprayed coatings. As previously indicated, an asbestos survey may be used to determine whether the material is indeed asbestos.

If you discover asbestos on your home, you should not attempt to remove it unless you have extensive asbestos removal experience. Asbestos fibres are often released into the air, where they are most harmful since they may be inhaled.

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