What are the best places to look for asbestos?

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Asbestos was widely utilised as a building material in the United Kingdom until it was completely outlawed in 1999, despite its well-known dangers to human health. Buildings constructed before 1999, however, may still contain asbestos, and owners of both residential and commercial properties should be aware of this.

It’s possible that you’re concerned about the presence of asbestos in your home or workplace. So, if you’re hunting about for asbestos, where are you most likely to find it? We’ll look at some of the most typical sites where asbestos may be found in residential and commercial buildings.

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Asbestos has a number of qualities that have made it popular in the construction industry for many years. It is particularly effective as insulation, for example. This implies that asbestos may be present in your walls or in areas such as lofts and attics.

Many people believe that they can tell if asbestos insulation is present just by looking at it, however this is not always the case. Although many insulating board products appear to be the same, many are not comprised of asbestos and are completely safe. The only way to know for sure is to have the material sampled and tested by specialists as part of an asbestos survey.

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Asbestos was often utilised as a supplementary element in cement formulations to enhance strength and density, which you may not be aware of. Cement roofs, wall cladding, downpipes, and flues all utilised it. Again, this isn’t something you can see with your naked eye, so you’ll have to hire a specialist.

Ceiling tiles and coatings
Asbestos is also commonly found in ceiling coatings such as Artex. It was also commonly utilised as a tiling and covering material. You should call asbestos specialists as soon as possible if you have any concerns about any section of your house that has tiles or contains asbestos.

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